As of August 1st, anyone who is not already on an annual maintenance plan or maintenance subscription will need to sign up for a subscription license if they wish to update FastManager.
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Welcome to the FastManager update manager.
Our latest revision is 2017.69. Please remember to run this update routine on every computer that has FastManager installed on it. Every computer should run the same revision.

You need to have FastManager installed on your computer in order to run these update patches.
You can also run these updates to downgrade to a previous version.

NOTE: You only need to run the latest update. All previous updates are included in the latest update file.

February 1 2019 - Version 2017 Revision 69     Download



  • Fixed: SanMar items showing no pricing on PO Wizard when integration is enabled
  • Fixed: Double popup notes on the Sales Screen
Please report any problems to the HelpDesk
September 06 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 66     Download



  • Fixed: Minor bug in "Signed Order Sales Report"
  • Fixed: Minor bug in Design Detail Search
Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

August 16 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 65     Download



  • minor bugfix for catalog importing

Special Notes:

  • This release includes a database upgrade, which will be triggered the first time that FastManager is opened after the update is installed. Please ensure that you install this update to ALL your users' computers.
Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

August 3 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 61     Download

Fixes for vendor integration. Added Sanmar Intgration.


  • Fixes & improvements to AlphaBroder integration
    • You can now submit the PO as well
    • Integration from Windows 7 systems works
  • Added support for integration with SanMar - please see the special notes section below
  • UPS integration: will now use 'your own' pricing from UPS instead of the published standard pricing

Special Notes:

  • Some additional steps are needed to setup integration with SanMar. Please see: Sanmar Integration in the user manual
Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

June 29 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 48     Download

AlphaBroder Integration Update


  • Updated integration with AlphaBroder to use new encryption protocols: TLSv1.2/1.3

Special Notes:

  • This patch fixes AlphaBroder integration on the Sales Screen (fetch pricing) only,
  • Fixes for the Purchase Order integration are still under development and are not included in this release

Known Issues:

  • Problems with TLSv1.2 on Windows 7, contact the HelpDesk for more information
Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

June 25 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 47     Download

Added support for integrating with Quickbooks Online!


  • Added support for integrating with Quickbooks Online

Special Notes:

  • Quickbooks Online integration is currently only available to companies in the USA. Support for integration from outside the US will be added in a future release
  • For help with getting FastManager connected to your Quickbooks Online company, please contact the HelpDesk
Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

May 10 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 43     Download



  • Fixed a minor bug on the "Sales Screen" which caused some items to display zero pricing

Special Notes:

  • Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

April 20 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 42     Download



  • Fixed a bug on the "PO Wizard" that would intermittently interfere with issuing goods from stock
  • Fixed a minor bug on the "Sales Screen" which caused an error when working with a new company file

Special Notes:

  • Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

April 12 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 41     Download



  • Fixed a bug in the "Discount" field on the Sales Screen
  • FIxed a bug in Design Detail screen that would cause duplicate entries when doing a re-order of very old orders

Special Notes:

  • Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

April 5 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 40     Download

Speed Improvements


  • Added improvements & fixes to the 'Design Detail -> Design Search' Screen
  • Various minor bugfixes and improvements
Special Notes:
  • Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

March 30 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 39     Download

Improvements and Fixes


  • This update includes an important fix for the UPS Integration
  • Added improvements & fixes to the 'Sales Screen (Order Entry)'

Special Notes:

  • We recommend that you perform a "Normal Reinstall" of FastManager prior to installing this update
  • There is a short tutorial video here

Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

February 13 2018 - Version 2017 Revision 34     Download



Special Notes:

  • Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

October 23 2017 - Version 2017 Revision 31     Download

Introducing Support for SQL Server


  • Added Support for using SQL Server as the database backend

Special Notes:

  • For more information about using SQL Server as your database backend, please contact the HelpDesk

Please report any problems to the HelpDesk

January 16 2017 - Version 2014 Revision 87     Download

Fixed some minor bugs.

April 20 2016 - Version 2014 Revision 86     Download

Minor Update
Fixed the SSL/TLS support for Alpha Broder integration, after Alpha stopped supporting older SSL versions

November 06 2015 - Version 2014 Revision 85     Download

Minor Update
Added support for TLS when emailing PO's. Fixed a bug with the Work Order List. Added support for long TLD's in email addresses. Fixed the unnecessary message popup when doing Deposit Payments. Added minor improvements to the Integrator.

September 01 2015 - Version 2014 Revision 80     Download

Minor Update
Added support for TLS encryption in the email sending (for Office365 users)

July 27 2015 - Version 2014 Revision 77     Download

Minor Update
Minor system update

July 20 2015 - Version 2014 Revision 76     Download

Minor system update
Added improvements to the database management backend

July 01 2015 - Version 2014 Revision 75     Download

Minor Bugs
Minor bugfixes, database update

June 17 2015 - Version 2014 Revision 54     Download

Alpha Broder Fix
Fixed issue for new AlphaBroder security requirements.

Nov 12 2014 - Version 2014 Revision 50     Download

Exporting Mail List
Added the ability to export your customer's mailing list. Just in time to send out Holiday Cards. From the File menu, select "Export - Customer Mailing List"

Alpha Border Integration
We changed some of the code to get your pricing even faster

Minor Bugs
We fixed some minor bugs that were reported.

Jan 29 2014 - Version 2014 Revision 15     Download

Updated FastManager's real time integration with AlphaBroder to work with their new consolidated company structure

Stock Report
Added and additional filter to the stock report that will allow you to get a report based on the current stock values. Values of stock on hand are pulled from the catalogs database in stead of using the average cost of the item.

Jul 01 2013 - Version 2013 Revision 23     Download

With inkSWOP™ you can specify different ink colors for different shirt colors. Just go to your design detail screen and click on the 'Ink Colors' tab. Try it… You will love it !

May 21 2013 - Version 2013 Revision 20     Download

ABN Integration
Alpha, Broder and NES integration. Click Here for more information.

Feb 03 2013 - Version 2013 Revision 15     Download

Introducing FastManager Basic
Click Here for more information.

Aug 01 2012 - Version 2012 Revision 25     Download

UPS Integration
Our new shipping module with UPS integration. Free on Premier version of FastManager. $200 for PRO and LITE customers.

Jul 02 2012 - Version 2012 Revision 20     Download

Fast Collect
Send a collection email including all outstanding invoices to all Past Due customers with the click of a button

Netherlands Comma Issue
Our customers in the Netherlands can now use the proper regional settings. FastManager can now accommodate a comma as a decimal separator

New Catalogs
Many new 2012 catalog updates available from this version.

QuickBooks International Version
The QuickBooks Integrator now works with internatational versions that uses the VAT system.

Apr 12 2011 - Version 2011 Revision 11     Download

QuickBooks Integrator
Updated the preferences screen. You can now select to send the WO description to QB memo field. You can also select what information you want to send to the QB memo field when sending Payments.

Added additional filter options to the signed and invoiced sales report.

Credit Card Processing
You can now add additional address information when processing credit cards. This will help lower your rates.

Markup Maintenance
Added the ability to add a flat amount to over and above the markup percentage e.g. you can markup a garment 30% and then add an additional $0.30 per garment for shipping. You can also set the markup percentage to 0% and simply add $2 per garment. From the edit menu, select markup maintenance.

Markup Tables
Added the ability to have more than 8 price breaks. There is no limit anymore.

Oct 21 2010 - Version 2010 Revision 26     Download

Puchase Orders
You can now see all your supplier account info on the purchase order screen as well as when receiving goods. This will include phone & fax numbers, email and terms. You can also click on the email link to send a quick email to your supplier.

QuickBooks Integrator
You now have a choice what you want to send to the QB memo field when exporting Invoices. You can set the change in the preferences screen.

Sep 23 2010 - Version 2010 Revision 25     Download

Receive All Customer Goods
There is a receive all button, when receiving customer goods from the Job Board

Customers Goods (Select All)
In the sales screen you can right click on an item and mark it as customer goods. You will then be prompted if you want to change all line items with the same style number to customer goods.

July 30 2010 - Version 2010 Revision 17     Download

More Speed
One of the major changes we made is not visible or a new feature but increased speed. Mostly noticed when converting work orders to and invoice and when posting new payments.

New Integrator
With the new QB Integrator you will be able to apply payments to the same invoice it was applied to in FastManager. There is al a more intuitive error reporting with the ability to fix errors on the fly. You can read more on by clicking here

Merging Customers
From the file meny you can select to 'Merge Customers' this will enable you to move all transactions to a single customer and then delete the duplicate customers.

Better Error Management
FastManager will no longer close after reporting an error.

Fixed Bugs
Fixed 3 minor bugs reported on the QB Integrator

Specify the AR Account
Added the ability to select which AR account you want to debit when sending invoices. This option is available from the preferences screen.

New Catalogs
We added a new catalog import module. You can now apply advanced markups while importing your catalogs. You can even save your markup settings as an XML file for later use.

July Price Increases are now updated in the FastManager Catalog Database
FastManager has great relationships with the wholesale garment distributors. This allows us to make available the leading wholesale catalog information to you, and keep that information current. Here’s a list of the current domestic catalogs available in FastManager: SanMar, Bodek and Rhodes, Virginia T's, Heritage, S & S, Americana, Imprints Wholesale, Alpha, Broder, NES, River’s End, One Stop, Otto Caps, Tri-Mountain, Carolina Made, Ash City, Charles River, Augusta, Bomark, Holloway, & Whispering Pines.

Date Format QB
You can change the date format when exporting to QuickBooks. Applies mainly to our Canadian customers.

Nov 9 2009 - Version 2009 Revision 20     Download

Flexible Markups
Apply different markup tables to an item based on the customer’s industry. E.g. you can markup schools differently from corporations.

Don't lose the original paperwork
Scan customer faxed orders, hand drawings or anything else directly into FastManager. You can scan directly into the ‘Design Detail ‘screen as well as the ‘Sales Order Attachments’ screen.

Scan logo from business cards
You can also scan thumbnail pictures directly into the ‘Design Screen’

Better navigation
Jump directly to the item maintenance screen from the PO Wizard. Simply right click on any item and you open the selected item for editing.

Better navigation
Double click on any work order row in the PO Wizard and the work order will open up in the sales screen

Seamless ASI
You can now right click on any ASI line item and add ASI instructions as well as attach files which will automatically print on the purchase order you send. You can also access the above screen from the Job board

Better file management
There is a new ‘Locate’ button under the linked files in the design detail screen. When selecting a file you can simply click on that button and FastManager will open windows explorer highlighting that file. You can then simply drag that file onto a disk or anywhere else. This is very convenient to copy .dst file to floppy disks.

If you wear different hats.
You can now create multiple job board layouts per computer. This means you can now have a layout for printing purposes and one for viewing etc.

Felixble filter options.
Include or Exclude multiple work order statuses in the Job Board filter options

Better navigation
Print customer proofs directly from the Job board

More control
GP Percentage shows on the Job Board and is great to monitor sales reps entering new orders at a too low margin.

Fast Actions
Change the supplier on the fly from the sales screen. Right click on any line item and select ‘Change Supplier’

Stock Control
If you have the stock module activated: o You can issue stock directly after you created the work order. o You can also issue stock directly from the Job Board. o Right click on any item in the PO Wizard and adjust the stock on hand. This is very convenient when you try to order items and FastManager tells you, you have some in stock. You may know you have less in stock as a few items have been shop soiled. You can then quickly write off those item on the fly.

Commision Exclusions
You can select to exclude certain line items from sales commisions. Simply right click on any line item in the sales screen and flag it to be excluded from sales commisions. If you then run the Profit and Payment Analysis report, select the 'Commision Report' check box which will adjust the values to exclude those line items that you don't pay commision on. E.g. Shipping charges.

There is now an undo and redo button on the sales screen. You can undo any changes you made in the grid portion of the sales screen. There is no limit to the number of undos

Mailing Labels
You can now print customer mailing labels. From the 'View' menu select 'Customer List'. If you click on the 'Print' button you will see the various options on printing labels as well as a link to the help topic.

Export E-Mail Addresses
From the 'View' menu, select 'Customer List' if you now click on the 'Export' button you have the option export your customer email addresses.

Report on inactive customers
There is a new report that will show you a list of customers who have not placed and order since a specified date.

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