Our brand new helpdesk incorporates: Chat (Live Support), Knowledgebase, and Ticketing into a single, easy to use interface.
Simply click on the "Support" button on the homepage of the website, or click here to go there now.

The support@FastManager.com e-mail account has been disabled and we will not be able to respond to any support e-mails in future.

Phone support will be handled by the technician calling you back should they feel that the problem can only be solved by calling you or helping you via remote support. Phone support, should you desire not to utilize the ticketing system, will be billed at a rate of $75 per hour or part thereof. Depending on your account you may or may not qualify for free phone support.

Here is why the new system will ultimately to provide you with a better level of service.

Fast answers at your fingertips:
The new system will search for possible solutions whilst you are requesting support on out ticked based system. The solution to your problem will be displayed virtually immediately. This will eliminate the waiting time for a support technician to call you back or respond to your E-Mail.

Lost support will no longer be a problem:
Lost e-mails and spam filters will no longer be a factor. We will have a list of open support tickets and won’t forget about you.

Knowing your situation is important:
Keeping a history of your support will help us serve you better. We will no longer have to familiarize ourselves with your situation and can look at previous support issues you have. This will help us find better solutions and make better decisions.

We are confident that the new system will enable us to increase our focus on future developments that will help greatly facilitate your daily business efforts.

We appreciated your co-operation and support.

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