Carmen Brown - Ablemark Corporation
Fast Manager has been a fantastic program for my company. In the past we have been using Excel invoices and schedule boards and essentially limping along with processes that were managed by people and not software. I believe that this software is allowing my people to operate at an increase of 10-15% in productivity due to the ease of use and ease of communication it is providing us. I am personally saving over 10-25 hours per month in accounting work, due to not having to replicate all the excel invoices into QuickBooks.

Carmen Brown
Ablemark Corporation
A. Barnum - The Sash Company
I have looked for software that would fit my company's needs for over 5 years. I've tried MYOB, AdvancePro, Shopworks, and others.
I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours pouring over tutorials, working with these other systems, to try to get them to do what their sales reps promised - customize for our unique business.

After struggling with, the last and most expensive software for over a year, unable to get my staff trained on its very difficult and very un-user friendly interface, I gave up.

I asked our embroidery tech if he knew of a system that would work for us - he suggested Fast Manager. I called a friend who owns an Embroidery franchise store - she suggested FastManager. Still skeptical, I downloaded the trial and began working with it. I was so excited to find a software that was so easy to use! I had my entire custom catalog of items - all colors, all sizes, all variations, installed within 2 hours - and I hadn't received any training!

Fast Manager does what all the others don't - it allows for common-sense applications to create a system that works for our business. When I've had questions their tech staff is available, friendly, and walks me through the issue until it's solved. I wish I had found this system first.

The cost is about 1/4 of what I had paid for the other system , thinking "bigger was better". Let me tell you, it's not.

My entire staff is trained and our system is up and running throughout my entire company. My accounting dept. is no longer complaining about the struggles they dealt with daily on our old system. Our orders are easy to input, easy to retrieve, easy to track, easy to bill. Fast Manager has added a polish to our company that I have always wanted - and the efficiency that we need as we grow.

I couldn't be more satisfied.
A. Barnum, CEO The Sash Company
I don't write testimonials lightly. Chris Waldick, and the Fast Manager program that he has created, has earned this testimonial. We've been using Fast Manager for several fantastic years. In fact, we converted from our original so-called "management" software to Fast Manager in 2003 and never looked back. Since implementing FM, we have improved our efficiency, our accuracy and our professional legitimacy. I can print a to-the-penny quote in less than 3 minutes with the customer's contact information, my logo, and all the purchase details and prices listed. It's faster than any other quoting tool I've used. I can turn that quote into an order, record a deposit and assign the work to the appropriate departments in less than 1 minute. I can invoice that same job when it is complete and email a copy of it to the customer in less than 1 minute. Can you keep up with me in whatever you're using now? The best part about this program is I can customize it to fit MY needs. No two shops are going to run their business the same way. We all have our little niche markets and individual styles. Fast Manager gives us the tools to run our businesses the way WE want to. If you need's in there! Again, I don't write testimonials lightly. Chris Waldick has earned it
Chuck Wheeler - CJTs
FastManager has been our production software since 2003, and without a doubt contributed to our growth from 4 to 22 embroidery heads and the customer base which drove us directly to an automatic press when we entered the screen printing world. Over 11,500 accurate orders to date. The QuickBooks integration is an amazing addition to the program
James Imel - Wurde Marketing
Before we had FastManager, we struggled with our error rate. Projects would get forgotten about, no checks and balances to who does what part of a project. Now with FastManager's scheduling and task system, we are able to systematically finish each project with a much lower error rate. If you want to know where your business is and what stage a project is at all times, then buy Fast Manager
Here's what I like about it. Importing customer in informations is easy from Quickbooks - Fastmanager and from Fastmanger to Quickbooks. Sales exports Includes all the sales informations as it exports to Quickbooks, Garments, Decorating infomation & artwork fees, everything include. Fastmananger 2007 has allowed me collect all of my garment decorating informations for our current production needs and store it for repeat orders in the future. The vast collections of catalogs save many hours of entering vendor sku, the correct descriptions and colors are already done for you

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