Simplify taking payments by processing credit cards directly from FastManager.
This way the money goes to your bank and the customer's balance is updated, all at the same time.

We make use of a 3rd party gateway and their rates are very competitive. In fact if you are already processing they guarantee to match your rates.

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Why get rid of your old system and get FastManager’s merchant gateway instead?


FastManager’s system is INTEGRATED directly through FastManager. There is NO need to run multiple systems to process credit cards. FastManager will process credit cards directly from within FastManager and link all the data for you automatically! In most cases this can be done in a few seconds.
2. Our rates are as good and almost ALWAYS BETTER than the old terminal system they are using. Since it is integrated into FM the customer will NOT have to worry about updating “terminals” twice a year like they are suppose to be doing now….I bet they are not and thus are not taking advantage of or even worse are being billed higher rates “behind the scenes” because their terminals are not being updated to synchronize with Visa, MC, Discover and AmEx!
3. Dialup is dead. The business can eliminate all phone lines which generally results in an immediate $360 in annual savings per existing outdated credit card terminal. (I.e. 12 months x $30).
4. FastManager’s system will track and log every transaction under a client’s name. FM will easily show amounts paid and owed. No more saving paper receipts.
5. Our merchant gateway will store all your customer's info for future contact. This will enable you to process their cards in under 5 seconds as well as post the payment to FastManager at the same time.
Additional benefits that our merchant gateway provides.
1. Our gateway will allow clients to make payments through their company website, this will keep their accounts receivable open 24/7 and is FREE and they already have the HTML code developed for them to use FREE!
2. You can accept credit cards on the go through any cell phone. There is no limit to the number of phones that a business can use to process and is FREE! Your merchant account will track every transaction that you make through your phone and store it online for future viewing and management and is done in REAL TIME!
3. You can separate sales reports by individual users, locations, or departments by assigning separate user ID’s. FastManager’s system will store every transaction for the life of the account for easy accounting, reporting, and tax reconciliation. No more confusing statements!
4. You can offer your clients installment payments. Your online account can automatically bill the client every day, week, month or year until the account is settled.
5. You can have unlimited users. Anyone authorized to take a payment on an account can simply login from any computer and process.
6. The system will allow a business to send their clients an email with the amount owed and a link to submit payment via their website.
7. The system will allow the main office to view real-time reports of each location at anytime via the web. No longer will the business need to collect printed receipts from each location’s outdated credit card terminal.
8. You can deploy your card processing to an unlimited number of locations at no additional cost. This eliminates the cost of an outdated credit card terminal per location. Example: A 10 location business would need to spend: 10 x $500 (Cost of outdated credit card terminals) = $5,000.00.
9. You can also access your merchant account from a lap top with a wireless internet card. USB swipers can be attached to the laptop for swiping cards.
10. FastManager’s system will allow for recharging a client’s credit card. Using a client account number, the business can re-bill the client’s card event over the phone.
11. Adding new locations or employees will no longer include purchasing additional equipment and running a new phone line.
12. Because FastManager’s system will store every customer’s transaction history and contact information online. FastManager’s system will allow you to easily generate physical mailing lists as well as email lists for marketing campaigns. Outdated credit card terminals have absolutely no way to do this.